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A credit card must be supplied for a security deposit on all rentals.  The credit card will not 
be charged unless the unit is returned damaged, parts are missing or it needs to be cleaned. 

"The event was a great success, and the ice cream carts were perfect"

-The Department of the Treasury


Approximate Pushcart Dimensions
44" x 31" x 42"

4 wheels

All of our carts are equipped with cold-plate freezers which allow them to remain unplugged for long periods of time and maintain their temperature. No dry ice is required.

Nelson ice cream cart

Circus Ice Cream has several pushcarts that are rented out on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to rent one or more of our pushcarts, call or email us as soon as possible so we can get you on the schedule.  Please try to give us at least two days notice on all cart rentals.

Rental includes an umbrella and ramps to load and unload the cart.  We will stock the cart and load and unload it for you here at our warehouse.  Rental fees must be paid at the time the cart is reserved and are nonrefundable.  All other items must be paid for in full at the time the cart is picked up. Renters must leave a credit card number as a "security deposit".  The credit card will not be charged unless the pushcart is returned damaged, late, parts are missing or the unit needs to be cleaned.

The pushcarts are equipped with cold-plate freezers which allow them to remain unplugged for long periods of time and maintain their temperature. An electric cord is also provided if you want to plug in the cart.
We plug the cart in two days before the rental date to ensure that it is cold.  The carts are stocked the day before the pick up date. Cancellations made after the cart is stocked will result in a 15 % restocking fee.  We do not accept ice cream returns.

Cart rental includes ramps for loading and unloading - unless you have a trailer and don't require them. The cart will fit in the back of a full-size pickup truck. The cart must be strapped down - bungee cords will not work.  We will not load carts into minivans or SUV's.

wedding cart
Nelson wedding ice cream cart

Wedding Reception Cart

44" x 31" x 42"

4 wheels

Lucia Andy s Wedding-Lucia Andy s Weddin

**Wedding Cart - weddings tend to be more logistically challenging and could incur additional fees..**

Pushcart Fees

One-day rental  $150 + MD tax - You must purchase at least $75 worth of ice cream to get this rate


One-day rental  $175 + MD tax - cart only


Wedding cart one-day rental $200 + MD tax

$25 cleaning fee. Applied if the cart and umbrella are not returned in the same condition in which they were rented. 

If you come to the warehouse and pick up the cart, there are no additional fees.

Delivery and pick up fees:

One cart - $2.25 per mile or $100, each way, whichever is greater. 

Two carts - $2.25 per mile or $125, each way,

whichever is greater.
Weekend deliveries may be available at a greater rate.

Pick Up / Return Times


Day of rental pick up - 8 am to 3 pm
The cart may be picked up the day before your rental date, with prior approval, between 1 pm and 3 pm at no additional charge.

Carts must be returned before noon the day after your rental.


$35 fee for early pickup (before 1pm the day before your rental date)


$35 fee for late return (after 12pm on your return day)

$175 fee for each additional late day.

Download our pushcart rental agreement

12 oz Commercial Popcorn Popper

This commercial grade popcorn popper can make up to 4-5 gallons per batch.  Rental includes popcorn scoop and 50 popcorn bags.

Unit must be returned clean or there will be a $40 cleaning fee charged to your credit card.

$50 per day + MD tax

Popcorn kits include pre-measured kernels, oil and salt (call for availability)


16 oz kit (for 12 oz kettle)    $3.00

Rental Fee

Download our popcorn rental agreement

Sno Cone machine

This commercial grade sno cone machine is engineered to produce 1000 sno cones per hour and is easy to operate.

Rental Fee

$75 per day + MD tax

Syrups    $17 per gallon
Call for available flavors

1 oz syrup pump, $8 each

Sno cone cups, $18 per 200

Download our sno cone rental agreement

Hot Dog Roller

Cooking Area Dimensions

20" x 15"

-Separate heat controls for the front five and rear five rollers allow you to cook, hold or serve. 
-Rollers are made of stainless steel, no Teflon to peel off or chrome plating to wear off.

-Unit comes with sneeze guard. 


$50 per day + MD tax

Download our hot dog rental agreement

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