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Q: Do you deliver and pick up carts?

A: Yes, delivery is available. The cost is $2 per mile or $100, whichever is greater. Deliveries close to our warehouse may qualify for a discount. The cost is the same for pick up.

Q: What type of vehicle do I need to pick up a cart?

A: A pickup truck, trailer or delivery van is required. We will not load carts into SUV's or pickups with caps.

Q: How big are the carts?

A: The cart dimensions are approximately 44" L x 31" W x 42" H. Weight 400 pounds, empty.

Q: Does the pushcart need to stay plugged in?

A: No, the carts have cold-plate freezers which allow them to maintain temperature for hours while unplugged.

Q: My cart is plugged in, why isn't it running?

A: The carts have thermostats and will cut off when they reach temperature. If you're concerned, squeeze the ice                cream to make sure it's hard and make sure you have power at the outlet.

Q: Do I need to purchase ice cream with my rental?

A: No, you can rent the cart alone.

Q: How much ice cream will fit in the cart?

A: It varies depending on the size of the boxes you want; the maximum would be around 900 pieces.  The carts will            hold 10 3-gallon tubs.

Dry Ice Q&A
dry ice

Q: How long does dry ice last?

A: It really depends on how you're using it. If you're putting it in a cooler to keep items frozen, 5 pounds will last about          24 hours.

Q: How do I pack my cooler?

A: Put your product in the bottom and the dry ice on top. Dry ice is very dense and the cold air will sink down. Use                cardboard or newspaper to separate the dry ice and your food so it won't get freezer burned.

Q: What if I don't want my items to freeze?

A: You can put dry ice in the bottom of a cooler, put regular ice on top of it and put your items in the regular ice. The dry      ice will keep the regular ice from melting.


Q: What type of events do you work?

A: We can handle almost any request, including birthday and graduation parties, company picnics, corporate and               government events, wedding receptions, employee and customer appreciation days and more!

Q: Is there a minimum price for events?

A: Yes. The minimum is determined by the location of the event and the amount of time we would be there. Contact us 

     with your event details to get a quote

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