ice cream

Circus Ice Cream offers delivery service to mobile vendors, stores and for large events.  Delivery service includes certain minimums and / or a delivery charge.  If you are interested in our delivery service ,please call or email us for details

Circus Ice Cream can also ship an order to your home address or you can have it shipped to someone else as a gift.  In addition to the product cost, shipping requires a cooler, dry ice and shipping charges. To request a shipping quote, please click the Shipping link at the top of the page.

Don't see what you want? Contact us and we'll try to get it for you!  Special order items must be prepaid and are nonrefundable. All prices subject to change.

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Mix and Match Ice Cream

You have spoken, and we have heard you.
Now you can mix and match different ice creams,

in one box!

24 Chocolate Eclairs are more than you need?
Instead get 12 Eclairs and 12 Strawberry Shortcakes.
Or 6 Eclairs, 6 Shortcakes, 6 Toasted Almond and 6 Ice Cream Bars.
The choice is up to you.


Good Humor Giant Vanilla Sandwich

Giant vanilla 

24 count    $24.75

Good Humor Giant Neapolitan Sandwich

Giant neapolitan

24 count    $24.75

Good Humor Birthday Cake Bar

Birthday Cake Bar

24 count   $35.50

Good Humor Giant King Cone

giant king Cone

12 count    $27.00

Good Humor Reese's ice cream


24 count    $34.50

Good Humor Toasted Almond

toasted almond

24 count    $35.50

Good Humor Chocolate Eclair



24 count    $35.50

Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake

24 count    $35.50

Good Humor Oreo Bar

oreo bar

24 count   $35.50

Good Humor Ice Cream Bar

ice cream bar

24 count    $35.50

Popsicle Cyclone


24 count   $23.50

Klondike Choc Taco

choco taco

24 count    $36.50

Popsicle Rainbow


12 count    $12.50

Good Humor King Cone

king Cone

24 count   $43.00

Good Humor Chip Burger

chocolate chip cookie

24 count   $35.50

Replaced by Blue Bunny Chips Galore

Popsicle Hello Kitty

hello kitty

18 count    $20.50

Popsicle Sponge Bob

sponge bob

18 count   $20.50


18 count   $20.50

Popsicle Minion


18 count  $20.50

Klondike Oreo Sandwich

oreo sandwich

24 count  $43.00

Klondike Original Bar

klondike bar

24 count


Blue Bunny Sour Wower

Sour Wower

24 count   $10.50

Blue Bunny Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Swirl

24 count   $10.50

Blue Bunny Watermelon Whirl

Watermelon Whirl

24 count   $10.50

Blue Bunny Bubble Gum Bar

bubble gum bar

24 count   $10.50

Jolly Rancher Push Up.jpg

Jolly Rancher push up

12 count    $26.00

Blue Bunny Bubble Gum Snow Cone

bubble gum Snow Cone

12 count   $15.00

Blue Bunny Batman


12 count   $14.00

Blue Bunny Sonic the Hedgehog


18 count  20.50

chips galore.jpg

chips galore

24 count    $35.50

Blue Bunny Avengers


12 count    $14.00

Blue Bunny Cookies and Cream Bar

Cookies and Cream Bar

24 count   $18.00

Blue Bunny Tweety


12 count   $14.00

Teen Titan bar

12 count   $14.00  

Blue Bunny PowerPuff Girls
Blue Bunny Teen Titan Bar


18 count    $20.50

Blue Bunny Ninja Turtle

ninja turtle

12 count   $14.00

Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla Bar

vanilla ice cream bar

24 count    $18.00

Blue Bunny Strawberry Shortcake
Blue Bunny Chocolate Eclair
Blue Ribbon Fudge Bar
Blue Ribbon Orange Cream Bar

strawberry shortcake

24 count    $16.50

chocolate eclair

24 count    $16.50

fudge bar

24 count    $15.00

cream bar

24 count    $15.00

original bomb pop

12 count   $11.75

watermelon bomb pop

12 count   $11.75

original bomb pop jr.

24 count    $12.00

Blue Bunny Original Bomb Pop
Blue Bunny Watermelon Bomb Pop
Blue Bunny Original Bomb Pop Jr
Blue Ribbon Candy Center Crunch

candy center crunch

24 count    $36.00

Blue Bunny Angry Birds

Angry Birds

12 count    $14.00

Blue Bunny Jolly Rancher Bomb Pop

Jolly Rancher

bomb pop

12 count   $11.75

Blue Bunny Warhead Bomb Pop

warhead bomb pop

12 count, $11.75

Blue Bunny Banana Fudge Bomb Pop

fudge banana

bOb poP

12 count, $11.75

Blue Bunny Chocolate Lovers Dipper

chocolate lovers dipper

24 count    $24.00

Blue Bunny Strawberry Dipper

strawberry dipper

24 count   $24.00

Blue Bunny Cookies and Cream Dipper

Cookies 'N Cream dipper

24 count     $24.00

Blue Bunny Vanilla Dipper

vanilla dipper

24 count


Blue Bunny Coconut Fruit Bar

coconut fruit bar

24 count    $23.00

Blue Bunny Strawberry Fruit Bar

strawberry fruit bar

24 count    $23.00

Blue Bunny Mango Fruit Bar

mango fruit bar

24 count    $23.00

Blue Bunny Pineapple Fruit Bar

pineapple fruit bar

24 count    $23.00

Blue Bunny Lemonade Cup

lemonade cup

12 count    $21.00

Blue Bunny Watermelon Cup

watermelon cup

12 count    $12.50

Blue Ribbon Cookies N Screamer

cookies 'n cream


12 count, $17.75

Crush Bomb Pop.jpg

Crush Bomb Pop

12 count    $11.75

Blue Bunny Cherry Two Ball Screwball

screwball cherry

24 count    $20.00

Blue Bunny Blue Raspberry Two Ball Screwball

screwball blue

24 count    $20.00

Blue Bunny Teen Titans Go Cup


12 count    $13.00

Blue Bunny Birthday Party Sandwich

birthday party sandwich

24 count    $21.50

Blue Bunny Big Double Strawberry Sandwich

double strawberry

24 count    $26.00

Blue Bunny Mississippi Mud

mississippi mud

24 count    $26.00

Blue Ribbon Twin Pop

Twin pop

24 count    $13.50

Vanilla Crunch_0001.jpg

vanilla crunch

24 count    $16.50


6 ounce cups


sour cherry

12 count


Crybaby cherry.jpg

Sour apple

12 count


Rosati Cherry.jpg


12 count


Rosati Watermelon.jpg


12 count


Rosati Lemon


12 count


Rosati Mango


12 count


Rosati Patriot Ice.jpg

Patriot ice

12 count


Jelly Belly.png
Hershey's logo.png
Garber's Dixie Cups
Garber's Vanilla Sandwich
Gaber's Nutty Buddy

dixie cup

Also available in plain vanilla

24 count


ice Cream Sandwich

24 count




24 count


sundae cups

12 count


Cherry Berry Snow Cone

12 count


Jelly Belly Sour Snow Cone.jpg


Snow Cone

12 count


Jack and Jill Toasted Almond

toasted almond

24 count


giant freezies

50 count




36 count



blue raspberry

36 count



Cotton Candy

36 count