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Dry ice - In Stock - Block Only

The pandemic is still causing problems with the supply chain and we're having difficulty getting items in all of our product categories; ice cream, candy, drinks and dry ice. We update this website daily to reflect what is out of stock, please check here before placing an order.

In some cases we may need to limit quantities.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Due to rising fuel costs, all deliveries will incur a 0.25 per mile fuel surcharge.

This will be in addition to our normal delivery charges.

Back in stock

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Garber's Dixie Cups

 Birthday party! Employee appreciation!

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40 lb bag  $7.75

20 lb bag  $4.00

8 lb bag  $1.75

Dry Ice


Combine dry ice with your regular ice to keep it from melting



Stays cold unplugged!

Move your party anywhere.

Circus Ice Cream is open for business and offering curbside service.

Call in your order, pay for it over the phone and we'll bring it out to you when you arrive.

Spread the love, not the virus.


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Nelson wedding ice cream cart

Thank you very much for your services on Saturday!  The ice cream truck was a hit with everyone!

"We were able to partner with Circus Ice Cream...I can't say enough good things about this company and its owner."