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Best Selling Ice Creams of 2018

1. Original Bomb Pop

2. SpongeBob

3. Cotton Candy Bar

4. Strawberry Shortcake

5. Giant Vanilla Sandwich

6. Bubble Gum Bar

7. Chocolate Eclair

8. Jolly Rancher Snow Cone

9. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

10. Cookie & Cream Screamer

For the first time since the SpongeBob popsicle was introduced, over a decade ago, it was not our top selling ice cream. Numbers don't lie but they don't always tell the entire story. SpongeBob was unavailable for about a month during the summer due to production issues. As they say, 90 percent of success is showing up. Also, SpongeBob is now an 18 count box, previously there were 12 bars per box.

Despite the defeat SpongeBob continues to display his gap-toothed smile and there is still a sparkle in his bubble gum eyes. He promises to be back in 2019, tastier than ever.

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